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so for those who don't know what this is, it's a special cartridge for cartridge based consoles that allows you to put every game for that console on an SD card and play it all from one cartridge.

also allows you to write and test software on actual hardware which is kinda nice.

it's fairly simple so I'll keep this short, the everdrive is a device based on years of flash cartridges only it takes it a step further and uses an SD card rather than internal memory, and how it works is you select the game you put on the SD card and it flashes that game to an internal memory chip.

pretty straightforward stuff so I won't go into the technical details but there are versions of it for many consoles, I myself have one for the sega genesis (my all time favorite console), and can confirm it works on both the model 1 and model 2 genesis.

now they pretty much just look like either a circuit board or a cartridge with an SD card slot and a button.

[Image: v3shell-200x200.jpg]

[Image: NES-200x200.JPG]

[Image: EDMD1-200x200.jpg]

(^^^^ this is the one I have ^^^^)

[Image: IMG_23075555-200x200.jpg]

[Image: Gg-200x200.jpg]

not much else to say really, it gives you a nice menu, you can alphabetize your games if you want, and provided you have a large enough SD card you can put every game in existance for that console and play it, it even bypasses region coding so it doesn't matter where they are from.

anyway yeah you can get them from many sources but my favorite is

they specialize in the everdrive, in fact I think that's the actual manufacturer, which is in the Ukrain, mail time can be a few weeks so just a heads up.

the cost is about $100 to $120 usd or your regional equivilent but it's well worth it if you like collecting for these old consoles.

just a disclaimer: I do not condone piracy nor will I help you get roms, your're on your own with that one.

SpookyZ, out!

Adam Koralik's video on the everdrive:
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[Image: 5.jpg]

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very informative post here Leo..

I was not aware really that this existed..

And although you know my age , and history of gaming quite well.

I guess somehow this one "slipped through the cracks"

Thanks, Brian
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