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Hacker attacks water supply in florida

so I found out this happened recently...

basically what happened is that in the town of oldsmar florida a hacker managed to break into the water treatment plant and gain access to the water treatment chemical regulation system before forcing it to start dumping the treatment chemical, in this case lye, into the water in large quantities.

luckily a plant worker actually caught it pretty quickly but this could have been VERY serious had it not been caught early.

kudos to the worker at the treatment plant for catching it.

personally though I think this wasn't done by a lone hacker or independent hacker group.

There's a kind of unwritten code among hackers that you don't really do things to actively maim or kill somebody, partly because of the notoriety but also because there are some morals there.

Attack a corporation? sure, they probably are being jerks and making people's lives miserable anyway.

Hack into a network to see what it's structured like (or in the old days explore the phone networks), not that big a deal unless you're a corp and you think it affects your bottom line (fun fact, it didn't make a dent in their real profits!).

heck even viruses and spam aren't actively trying to kill or maim somebody...

in fact the only times infrastructure has been attacked via cyber attack have been either accidental or via nationally funded hacker groups run as government agencies.

the most notable being the steam pipe bursts under moscow in the 80's, the stuxnet attack on iran's uranium refineries, and of course the east coast blackout during the late 90's early 2000's.

so this would be more in line with another nationality or a terrorist group than a lone hacker.

but that's my thoughts on the matter what do you guys think happened?
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Well yes but this sort of thing kinda crosses a line, it's not like we're in a james bond or jason Bourne movie. Hackers are not supervillains, they're people who know a lot about technology and often if they use it for bad things there's often a profit motive.

Hacking a towns treatment plant to poison the water supply seems out of the ordinary, not because it can't happen but because it's going from hacker holding something for ransom or stealing data to cyber terrorist trying to murder people, it's a line most will not cross and is often enforced by the hacker community at large, black hat or not.

Don't need another anti-hacker manhunt like in the early 1990s
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters

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