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England, through the Ages, An EU4 AAR

Expansion! Those dastardly Scots! Hopefully they don't find allies to help them gain land that you have.
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I suppose it was a good thing that I decided to take a break from merciless expansion for 20 years, at the sake of the AAR being more interesting Tongue
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Damn Scots Tongue
Chapter IV: New Ideas

Realizing that any further attempts at isolating England are futile, the Scottish have decided to finally disband their coalition against us. 

[Image: CoxDH3p.jpg]

Balthere begins a project to improve the national infrastructure, first focusing on increasing the nation's influence across European trade.

[Image: B7HwE6L.jpg]

If there weren't any hostilities between England and France over Brittany before, there certainly are now. A dispute triggered by a feuding nobles on both sides of the border becomes national, and Anglo-French relations begin to deteriorate at a fast rate.

[Image: ELnaPsQ.jpg] 

Despite this, Balthere remains content in the state of affairs, and even holds a Grand Ball to celebrate the nation's achievements over the last almost half century. 

[Image: 7tCCp1F.jpg]

Balthere embraces the idea of a national tradition, and from here, the country officially enters a new era. 

[Image: dKwNwix.jpg]


Because of his inability to decide on which direction to take for the nation, Balthere decides to assemble Witan for the first time in several decades, and let them vote on which idea our nation should embrace first. 

Simmanians, it is time to make your vote! The voting period will last 24 hours by default, but if not enough people vote within this 24 hour period, I will extend it.

Option A: Offensive Ideas

Taking offensive ideas could greatly improve our military power in the future. And if I fulfill the idea group, I will be able to order forced marches for armies, where they will move at 150% speed at the cost of 2 military power per province moved.

[Image: ugytILl.jpg]

Option B: Diplomatic Ideas

Taking diplomatic ideas could help us on the diplomatic front (as their name suggests). It could help with managing aggressive expansion (thus reducing the chance of huge coalitions being formed against us as you once saw in the past) and developing closer relations with our friendly countries. 

[Image: R9L8b74.jpg]

Option C: Administrative Ideas

Administrative ideas primarily concern the administration of the nation and will help us to juice every last bit of tax revenue from our peasants, burghers, and noblemen alike. They will also improve our production efficiency, which means more goods for us to trade. 

[Image: FFcxdKu.jpg]

Post your vote in a reply below.

If you want additional info on these national ideas, visit the Idea Groups page here on the EU4Wiki.

Let the voting begin! 

[Image: jnysEmc.jpg]

(World map, 1438) 

[Image: kL5UOWj.jpg]
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this is your most amazing and ambitious update yet Aco !

A great amount of content here.
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England is doing well with Balthere. Cool, the scots are behaving now.

I vote for Option B the Diplomatic Ideas.
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I would like to vote on option A
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I'm gonna go with option B
I'll take option B
thanks everyone for commenting on my pd more will be coming soon hopefully i win the SPCA something like that .....
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