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The Washpot: A C:S CJ

Welcome to my new City Journal, The Washpot. This is the very first C:S CJ on SM! The title, as you might guess, is based off of the name of the city we will be building in this CJ; Moab is referred in the Bible as "the washpot" (see Psalm 60 verse 8). However, this CJ is referring to a slightly different Moab; It is one based off of Moab in Utah. The focus of this CJ is audience participation, which will be included extensively in this CJ (I'll get to that later on). For a brief description of the idea of this CJ, see this post here. 


What do you mean by audience participation?

This CJ is centered around the idea of audience participation. This means that you, the reader, will have a great impact on how it develops. I'll explain this more in detail as we go along.


Table of Contents

Update 1: Moab

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Participating in the City Council

In order to join and participate in the City Council sessions, make a simple post stating that you wish to join the city council.



I will reveal these as we unlock them, so you can use this as a reference post that you can use in case you want to introduce any new policies to the council.

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City Council - Rules and Guide
City council can be convened by me whenever I see fit. This is usually every few updates. 
In order to call a vote for a new policy to be adopted, a member of the council must declare their support for this policy (refer to the second post in this thread for possible policies you can support). You can declare support for new policies during council sessions. You can only sponsor one policy per session. Assuming the council member sponsoring the policy doesn't withdraw their support, I will call a vote on whether to pass this new policy or not. This vote will last either a.) 12 hours within it being called, or b.) When at least half of the council members have voted. Multiple proposals can be voted upon within the same 12 hour voting period. You can withdraw your sponsorship for the policy within the 12 hour period between sponsorship and vote. 
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Update 1: Moab
A plot of land among the vast steppes of the Utah region have been entrusted to us, the Moab Company, to settle and develop. After weeks of non-stop surveying, we have finally decided upon a place to settle, a place just alongside the highway. Only a relatively long ridge separates this plot of land and a small desert.
[Image: lteEAy.jpg]
Now that the problem of choosing where to settle has been solved, it is now time to move on to planning the future metropolis. It is decided upon that the few members of the Moab Company will form a city council first. In the first meeting of the city council, we as council members are obliged to create and propose their own visions of what the central district of the town will look like...
So to begin our city council adventures, I have decided to convene the council for a special meeting regarding the town planning. In this session, registered members of the council will be able to propose the new town's layout. After 12 hours or after at least 2 proposals have been submitted, every city council member will vote on which of the proposals they favor. The proposal that wins by a simple plurality will take it all. Any submission must be in map form. (But the map doesn't have to be totally perfect, just make one that looks recognizable to our starting plot Tongue)
Have fun...
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I wish to join the city council. Tongue

Alright, any proposals for initial layout you'd like to suggest? Tongue

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I would like to join the city Council great city Journals u have hear keey up the grwat work u Doo
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