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SIM Copter - SpookyZalost - 09-10-2021

It's about time to talk about one of the first 3D commercial titles produced by MAXIS, SIM Copter.

SIM Copter was originally released in the mid 1990's and used Simcity 2000 Cities as game maps allowing you to load up your cities and fly around in them, this would later be used in Streets of Simcity as well which shared the same game engine.

Unfortunately while the original game is a challenge to get working on modern PC's, primarily because modern CPU's are too fast... there is an updated game engine that can play it called SIM Copter X!

it's exactly that, it takes the files that came with the original game and runs them in an updated game engine allowing compatibility with modern computers!

so my question is what are people's thoughts on this, any fond memories of the original game?, maybe you've heard of it but never had the chance to play it.

well feel free to discuss it here!