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Hello Simmania!

I would like to introduce you to a new google/tech fansite and community, Right now, we provide a chat, forums, and status updates (through the "Community" page, for registered users), with more to come. Our goal is to build a community of technology fans that goes beyond just a simple Google fansite. We want to build a community of programmers and technology fans alike, sharing ideas, thoughts, opinions, and promoting their projects. The community is still a work in progress, but we have big plans for the future, and would love additional support. [Image: 364988687.gif]

We are currently one week in, and already have 11 members. We are trying to build the site's functionality and promote it to expand our horizons. Any new member registrations are greatly appreciated! [Image: 26721.gif]

-Blake - 111222333444 - 12-18-2012

Ooooh great!

Also, Simmania Chat is sponsored by the said site. Thanks Blake! Tongue

RE: - Darth-Apple - 02-06-2021

An entire decade later, we reflect on the wonderful mistakes of the past. Folks, this site accomplished exactly three things:
  • Demonstrated exactly what NOT to do.
  • Ran on an incredibly slow server that took 10-20 seconds to load a page.
  • Got about 30 posts before going silent.

Apparently, Google did not have too many eager fans. Tongue