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Darth-Apple 10-01-2021
We must have accidentally installed an older version of the status feed. Tongue
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Darth-Apple 09-17-2021
Hello everyone. B)
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OmniBLACK 03-09-2021
Mainstream music should be boycotted. I know it never will but just saying *thinking out loud*
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SpookyZalost 02-18-2021
@everybody. I'm actively investigating some new stuff for simmania. are there any sections of the site you'd like to see changed?
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Darth-Apple 02-07-2021
Are alerts working on the statusfeed for anyone else? Seem to be broken, we will be fixing in the coming days.
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  Show us Your Best General (SimCity Related) Pictures!
Posted by: Darth-Apple - 03-04-2010, 10:50 PM - Forum: SimCity - Replies (96)

Here is a place to simply show off your pictures. For now, it is just a general SC4 picture location, but other threads with more specific "Show us" themes may pop up over time. It is a place to show us your best.

To start us off, here is a picture of the City of Pacificas:

[Image: north-west-areas1.jpg]

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  [OBSOLETE] Site Questions? Ask Here.
Posted by: SSS - 02-28-2010, 02:02 PM - Forum: Trash bin - Replies (33)

Please visit the new thread if you have questions. This is kept as a public archive.

[spoiler=Click to view initial post]If you are looking for help about the site, the Simmania Support Squad is dedicated to helping you. You can get help by posting here. If you cannot get into your account, there is currently an email address available to help. If you need to use this address, please click on the spoiler below to see the address:


DO NOT SPAM the above address.
Doing so may put you at a high risk for getting into some serious trouble here at Simmania. Again, don't do it. If you send an email to this address, make sure to clearly describe your problem, and, if possible, provide your username as well. We might not be able to help you if you do not do this.

I would also like to thank K50 for valuable security-related advice pertaining to this account set above. I should have thought of the measures that he mentioned before, and it was a good thing that he did mention them. [Image: 26721.gif]

If you have site-related questions, you can either PM one of our members, or post here.

Current members of the SSS:

blakesterville (SSS)









K50 (our new image editor. He's really great with images. )

-Simmania Support Squad.[/spoiler]

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  Quad Cities Region
Posted by: mayorm - 02-27-2010, 02:18 AM - Forum: SimCity - Replies (188)

Background: This will be my third cj ever, with my previous two on Simtropolis. This will be a fictional Region which will consist of four major anchor cities, and several smaller suburbs and towns creating one big metropolitan area. I will spare all the details of how many downloads I use, and since I have to many to name, I will just say thank you to all the BATer, Modders, and lot makers for doing what you do to make SC4 continue its great legacy!

[Image: NewRegion-1303940481.jpg]

Current pic of the region

History: The region was first explored by the British, who eventually founded the colony of Port Charlotte, named after the Queen at the time. The colony prospered as more and more colonists came. It became one of the major British ports in the new world for the British. When the American Revolution came about, colonists of Port Charlotte also fought for independence, due to the need of troops in the American Colonies, the British were driven out easily, and eventually signed a treaty with the colonists of Port Charlotte.

Transportation: Today the transportation of the region is very complex with subways, trains, and buses carrying many of commuters to and from the numerous destinations in the region. CSX, NS, BNSF, and Union Pacific, transport many goods, and products throughout the region. Amtrak handles passenger rail service in the region, and QCTA (Quad Cities Transportation Authority) transports many commuters by bus, elevated rail and subway. Port Charlotte International serves the flights from all around the world.

[Image: PortCharlotte-Aug71071267227730.jpg]

A freight train passes through the industrial area of Port Charlotte

Sports: Sports are extremely popular in the region. No matter the standings, fans flock to see the games. We will look at the major sports venues in the region.

Stadium at Harbour Park:

venue type: baseball stadium

seating capacity: 60,000

Teams: Port Charlotte Green Sox

[Image: greensox.png]

[Image: PortCharlotte-Aug11061267225296.jpg]

pic of the Stadium at Harbour Park

[Image: Baseballchart1.jpg]

Seating chart for Port Charlotte Baseball

Shop n' Save Center:

venue type: indoor arena

seating capacity: 20,000 for hockey and lacrosse

Teams: Port Charlotte Prowlers

[Image: Prowlers.jpg]

[Image: PortCharlotte-Feb21071267225493.jpg]

Pic of the Shop n' Save Center

more later please comment.

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  Boss of the Office
Posted by: Darth-Apple - 02-17-2010, 11:43 PM - Forum: Forum Games - Replies (714)

We've all seen this before: Boss of the Office (formerly Owner of the office, and before that, it was president of the nation). It is a simple game, just claim control of the office, but of course you have to be creative and think of some reason that you should have the office. Believe me, people can come up with some pretty crazy stuff here.

I'm going to get us started: I win a million dollars and claim the office (we'll just say it was formerly owned by random Company 5756, which apparently went out of business and put the office for sale).

Now what's your claim?

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  Rep. of Roanoke Island
Posted by: Nilo7 - 02-15-2010, 05:10 PM - Forum: SimCity - Replies (25)

Well, I have decided to post my CJ here! It is a well past the start; but you can catch the previous entries at either CJ section at Simtropolis! [Image: 364988687.gif]

Torando is a Winter paradise. Located on a island just miles away from Maine, USA, Torando is home many skiers, snowboarders and cold lovers!

A couple aerial shots of Torando:

[Image: Torando-Jul26101266251447.jpg?t=1266253899]

[Image: Torando-Aug4101266251499.jpg?t=1266253883]

Finally, a region shot:

[Image: RegionPic-1.jpg?t=1266253857]

More to come soon......


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  New Members Introductions
Posted by: mayorm - 02-15-2010, 02:19 AM - Forum: New Members Central - Replies (325)

If you are new to the site, we encourage you to make an official introduction here. Just say hello, and if you want to you can tell us other sites you belong to, and some things about yourself.

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Test download - Submitted by Darth-Apple
Submit Date: 02-03-2021, 01:40 PM | Category: Mods

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