Full Version: KSP 2
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So I'm sure by now everybody knows what Kerbal Space program is, well for the last few years a sequel has been in development and it's incredibly exciting to see.

among the other things to be included is offworld bases with launch pads and the ability to build facilities to colonize other planets, other star systems to explore, and even bigger and crazier rockets to build as well as a new game engine designed to better push the limits than the original one.

I'm super stoked about it and can't wait for it to come out but until then, here's the trailer.

I remember this. Glad a sequel is being made. Always was intrigued by Kerbel Space.
I'm particularly excited for the integration of interstellar gameplay which right now is primarily done with mods.

it's very much late game but it's a lot of fun and a more refined version of it in the basegame would be epic.

stuff like orion drives, Fusion rockets, Laser accelerated solar sail probes, etc, etc.

it's something both realistic and fantastic.