Full Version: do you game in linux?
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do you game in linux?

simple question, simple answer



more efficient, better speeds, better graphic ability due to less resources used...

if so what games do you play in linux most?

Alpha Centauri

Spore (via wine)


The Impossible game

Hotline Miami

Kerbal Space Program

any valve game that supports it.

answer the questions


Do you game in linux?


If so what games do you play in linux most? (don't play in linux, don't answer this one)


let's see how many people answer Tongue will also be posting a poll
The only reason I don't use Linux is that I never could get it to play well with Wi-Fi, otherwise I definitely would use it for gaming.
I would, but many games I have still don't have Linux compatibility, although that'll change in the future Big Grin
Indeed it will, groups like Loki games (the ones who ported SC3000 and Sid Meiers alpha centauri back int eh day), Valve (who've been pushing things big time), and a few other smaller porting companies, are making great strides in making linux gaming as good if not better possibility than windows ^_^