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The 1st Simmanian C:S CJ

So I've been thinking about starting a brand new CJ for C:S, on SM. However, I don't just want this to be a generic play-by-play analysis of how I play C:S. I am wanting to do an interactive CJ which emphasizes reader interaction. So, say, the city could develop around a city council made up of the various readers who comment on this CJ. This city council would vote on stuff like city planning and also local ordinances. In addition, things like finances would be handled by a city council vote (e.g. the City Council will vote on tax increases and spending on infrastructure like roads and rails). But I want you guys's ideas and feedback on this! Suggestions for stuff like what map we are going to use are also appreciated. 


See ya next time...


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Loving the idea Tongue go for it.

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Sounds like a great idea.


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