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Aco's Alternate History thread

I'm a big fan of the alternate history genre. I frequent I also like strategy games, so combine those with writing, and the result is a good basis for an alternate history timeline. This next passage I'm going to show to you is a draft of what could be my first TL. It's based off of the AAR Paradox Hohenzollern by Wiz, which can be read on LParchive here. If you read that, you'll understand what's going on here. 

The Zuhriman Wars Part 1: Revolution (1760)

The 18[sup]th[/sup] century had been a troubling time for Iberia and the Tahirid Dynasty. Following the overthrow of the former Hammadid Dynasty, Iberia had lost most of its American and Jadakali colonies to revolutionaries. What had remained of the Iberian Empire were the very northeastern and southern parts of Jadakal, and Iberia's colonies in Africa. While the Tahirids had made somewhat of a comeback going further into the century, their iron-fisted and brutish rule, combined with the stigma of being a foreign-born dynasty, had led to the Iberian Revolution of 1760. Supported by Mazula, thousands of Iberians who were deported to Mazula by the Tahirids led a revolution, that with the support of Iberia's lower classes, successfully overthrew the Tahirid Government in Iberia. These revolutionaries were led by Ibn Zuhriman, a genius in the art of war who was notably stout. This revolution would open the door to nearly six centuries of conflict between revolution vs. reaction, republic vs. monarchy, and old order vs. new order. 

Of course, this is only a draft. The final product will probably be a lot more polished, wordy, and will include fancy portraits and maps too. But for a draft, I think this will suffice.
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Nice, continue it pl0x Tongue
[center]Rule, Britannia! An Aconian Timeline[/center]

[center]Chapter 1: Prologue (1810)[/center]

The uneasy peace in Europe in the wake of the Andalusian Revolution was quickly coming to an end. In Castile, the old Trastamara monarch had finally been overthrown, replaced with a Constitutional Assembly that soon enough voted to absorb Castile into the Revolutionary Andalusia, creating the Republic of Hispania. In America, European control is becoming less and less prevalent as the Frisian colonies win their independence from Frisia, forming two independent Kingdoms (Only Britain and France had colonies left in America). And continued grumbling against the Bavarians by their Russian subjects has led to a new wave of secessionism. All of these factors have made it certain for the ever-young King Georg IV: The next European conflict will be one that will impact the world for centuries to come…

A little backstory: In the midst of my hiatus from my player diary, I have decided to start on an alt-hist TL that will go from the last time I have played to (1810) to however far I want to take this. It'll allow for greater flexibility historically as I am not restricted by game mechanics or stupid AIs here. I will try to make a map pretty soon Tongue
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