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Cities in motion?

Cities in motion is a transportation simulator, not so much of a city simulator, and its latest version (CIM 2) has just been released. I've heard great things about it, however, and people seem to be much more pleased with it than with SC 2013. I don't currently own the game, but after hearing a lot about it, it's definitely on my radar, especially considering the gradual decline of the Simcity series.

I think it's safe to say that it's no replacement for SC4, but still has a very interesting concept. Are there any other thoughts regarding it?
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I played it for a while. It doesn't really draw me in honestly, but I know a lot of people who do like it.
I've seen pictures of CIM 2, and it looks really good. Dannibee from over on ST showed some interchanges he made, and they look pretty advanced.
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I haven't played it personally, but from what I've seen CIM2 looks far more advanced and IMO looks better than the new SimCity. Tongue
CIM is a transportation simulator, not a city building simulator. All you have are transportation options so to that end, ya, it does look more advanced.
Fair point, but sometimes it's nice to just mess around with the transportation systems. And the new SimCity is so broken that honestly it's more of an anthill builder at the moment. :roll:
a very, very small anthill Tongue

if that much Tongue
A little heads up to anyone online now: Livestream from the developers [Image: 26721.gif]
Any issues? Please feel free to contact any staff member.

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